Camera-based Autonomous Racing System

This project aims to create a platform developed by and for students with the help of the expertise in the area of system and control at Uppsala University. The sys- tem should inspire students by giving them an opportunity to apply theory to fun application. The system should also be able to present the area in an interesting and pedagogically way for the public. With inspiration from ETH’s ORCA, a fully autonomous racings system was chosen as a suitable system. The racing system, CARS, is based on visual detection of a RC-car, which reflects IR-light from an IR-lamp into a camera with an IR-filter. A computer processes the camera and uses filters and controllers to identify and control the cars. The computer generates analog signals that pass through a transmitter sending actuating signals to the car. The system is built from mostly independent parts and made to work together. The system can control the cars to follow a predefined route and uses EKF and PID to track and control the cars. The system also consists of a projector illustrating other- wise hidden information on a background image on the track. The system is designed to be modular to easebe further developed such as designing a better controller or a different tracking algorithm.

Project in Systems and Control | 15 HP

The meaning was to build a system from scratch that is able to detect a car and control it

Project report   

Joachim B
JOACHIM BJÖRSELL Project leader | Web
VIKTOR BÄCK Software design | GUI
MATTIAS ERIKSSON Hardware | Document
ALBIN NILSSON Tracking | Image processing
LUKAS ÖHLUND Tracking | Identification